Title The Lie


This webpage has been re-done as of December 2017 but the story of the lie was written 19 years ago and remains here as written then. An epilog has been added to bring the story up to date.

America's Greatest Unrecognized Injustice

My wife Alice and I pray earnestly each morning that America will soon recognize the inhumane injustice heaped upon hundreds of thousands of American citizens who are not a threat to society and punishment not only to them but to their families which brings this injustice to the door step of millions of Americans. It is hard to believe that a country founded on principles of freedom and justice for all can condone and encourage such barbaric punishment to so many and give them no hope for relief until they die.

Read the facts about this injustice. Let your hearts feel our pain. Help us to right this wrong. I fervently ask you to read the section on this injustice.

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