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Well over 100 years ago, my great-grandfather moved his family from Tennessee to the Missouri Ozark Country. There he built a log church and preached the gospel to the rugged, individualistic hill people. The church he built still stands and is maintained by his descendants as a memorial to him and to the love of Christ, freedom and high moral standards for which he stood. One of his sons, my grandfather, likewise preached the gospel of Christ for many decades to those same God-fearing hill folk. Early in the 20th century, my father, born in those beautiful hills, was raised and taught the meaning of life by his father and by the Father who created the spectacular surroundings. As a child, I frequently heard my father tell stories about the life and country he knew and loved so well. Yet today, my father talks with warmth and a tear in his eye about this Ozark country.

I hope to capture some of that feeling by presenting here some essays of my random thoughts about today's world while using the same common sense so prevalent in the people of the Ozarks.

Readers of this web-site are encouraged to respond with their thoughts on any of these writings and a response form for that purpose will be provided at the end of each discussion.

The individualism of Ozark people of olden times is still in the blood and hearts of many of us and we want to nourish and make known to the world that our American freedom of yesteryear still exists and will be kept alive far into the future.

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